Reseller Hosting

Resell our web hosting
Perfect to start
  • 15 CPanel accounts
  • 150 GB Storage
  • 1 TB Monthly traffic
  • Standard Backup
Perfect for Web Agencies
  • 30 CPanel accounts
  • 500 GB Storage
  • 5 TB Monthly traffic
  • Standard Backup
For big boxes
  • 50 CPanel accounts
  • 1 To Storage
  • Unlimited Monthly traffic
  • Advanced Backup
Included on all offers ...
  • WHM access
  • SSH & SFTP access
  • Unlimited email accounts
  • Immediate creation
  • 99.9% Availability Warranty
  • Technical support
  • Custom packages
  • +300 apps 1-click install
  • DDoS protection
Your questions, our answers
How does web hosting work?

Web sites are built using many types of programming codes, which are inserted into pages with images, databases, scripts, and so on. Once your website is complete, it must be accessible to everyone. This is where the web hosting comes in.

Web hosting is a space on a server located in one of our data centers, which are connected to all the other data centers of the world. The job of the web server is to provide the files on your website to anyone who requests it, usually using an Internet browser program such as Internet Explorer, Firefox, or Chrome.

The web server receives a request and then sends the website to the person who requested it. It works 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, which means you get a level of availability and availability that other computers can not provide. This is one of the reasons why it is neither economical nor practical to use a personal computer for hosting websites.

Our infrastructure uses a principle called cloud computing for more performance and reliability. The machines are interconnected to allocate memory and resources, which means that even if one of them does not work properly or is temporarily offline, its work continues uninterrupted. means that your services stay online.

One of the main benefits of our web hosting solutions is the intensive use of SSD memory in our server bays. SSD, or Solid State Drives, is the latest type of computer memory. Instead of storing information on a rotating disk (such as older model hard disks), this memory is in a drive that stores information magnetically in a non-rotating model. Since there is no laser searching for information on the drive, SSD is up to 300% faster than traditional hard drives.

Check out the chart on this page to see which hosting plans are provided with this new state-of-the-art solution.

Can I update my offer at any time?

Yes. If your website has the potential to grow but still does not have a lot of traffic and files, it would be best to start with one of our smaller hosting plans and upgrade it only if more resources become necessary. Our projects give you the flexibility to develop and continue to develop your sites as much as you want.

You can request the upgrades you need at any time in your account manager with just a few clicks. You will have more hosting resources for your site. This process does not require you to transfer files - everything is done automatically. Just activate the upgrade and your account will be expanded according to your choice.

How many customers do you have on each server?

All of our hosting services are shared web hosting, which means that each server hosts a number of sites for different users, sharing resources. Web servers are so powerful that they can hold up to 2,000 Web sites, allowing us to deliver optimal value without affecting performance.

Unlike some other providers, we do not charge or subscribe to our machines until they can manage services. Our maximum capacity, both in terms of hard disk usage and memory, exceeds 80%. That means no matter what happens, your website can handle heavy traffic without loss of performance or availability.

This limitation on the use of resources rather than the number of customers means that we can maintain the responsiveness of our infrastructure and ensure the smooth running and fluidity of your website and services. This means very carefully that we do not have a large number of resource-intensive Web sites, applications, and scripts that run on the same servers. Each machine is only used at a reasonable capacity.

Do you offer support for scripts installed via Plesk?

We do not provide support for third-party scripts. Indeed, our support staff is highly qualified to use our hosting system and it is not possible to train them in any scripts uploaded by anyone through its Plesk web hosting manager. Learning programming and scripting languages is a long and difficult job, and our system supports a wide variety of languages. Learning for all can take years.

However, our support is always happy to do everything in its power to help you by finding articles and other content that may help you if necessary. However, it is best to ask for help directly from the source code. Different scripting languages have active support communities, and if you use a piece of proprietary code, the developer will know it better and will be able to give you answers to your problems.

Do you keep a backup copy of my website?

Yes. We keep backups for internal reasons. However, we recommend that customers keep their own backups. It is not feasible to offer data backup insurance for web hosting and advises you to do so independently and to ensure that the contents of your hosting account - site files, scripts and applications are correctly saved.

Do you offer a money back guarantee?

Yes. If, at any time and for any reason whatsoever, within the first 30 days of using our hosting service, you wish to recover your money, you will receive a full refund of the remaining time. You do not have to pay for something you have not used or do not want to continue using. If you decide to use this guarantee, your account will be credited with the refund amount.

Please note that this warranty does not apply to domain names. These must be purchased from the registers, which do not provide for reimbursement for areas already registered. This applies to all our other services.

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